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High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package

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The High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package provides just that, the ultimate experience in freeweight training! The heavy-duty High Squat Rack with included multi-grip pullup bar and full vertical weight storage are exactly what you need to complete your home or garage gym. 

Our premium HD XFIB Flat/Incline lifting bench, XDSA dip attachment, GRT Landmine attachment, and safety spotter arms are provided to complete the experience.  

The bar/plate package boasts 265lb. of full commercial grade rubber coated grip plates and our 1500lb. test 7' Revolution barbell. 

The 6' Universal Storage Rack is as beefy of a rack you will find anywhere, the same rack sold to health clubs and training facilities throughout the world. It comes filled with a 5-50lb. dumbbell set as well as 8/12/16/20 KG kettlebells and 10/20/30lb. slam balls.  

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XGYM-HSR Assembly Manual
XFIB Assembly Manual

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