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New orders ship same day!
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Free Home and Garage Gym Design Service


Home Gym Design Service

Dreaming of a home or garage gym but not sure where to begin? Maybe you have an idea of the style of training you’d like to be able to do but can’t figure out what equipment you need and how it will all fit together. We get it. With our X-Design service you will have the chance to talk to an actual human expert who will help take you from concept to completion in creating your dream home gym setup. Simply fill out the form below with the number of people, on average, you expect to work out in your space at a given time, the types of exercises you envision doing, the dimensions (including ceiling height) of your workout space and the budget if determined. Our team will create a 2D and 3D rendering of your space with our recommended mix of product and you’ll be on your way to your dream home gym space.

Get Started Creating Your Home Gym