Tank™ M4

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  • Dual Variable Resistance Brakes
  • No need for additional weight
  • Performance Handles Included
  • Built-in Accessory Tray

The all-new TANK™ M4 is the evolution of the All Surface Sled category.  With all of the same great features of our original TANK M2, plus the addition of some new ones, the M4 is ready to hit training centers around the world. 

New features for the M4:

  • Double braking system that allows different resistance levels to be set depending on which side of the TANK you're pushing or pulling from.
  • No need for additional weight to be added to the sled due to the double brakes.  
  • Accessory tray in the middle for storage.
  • Performance Handles come standard.
  • Weight horns have been made into an optional accessory for more serious performance athletes who wish to use the TANK for intense towing exercises.

Just like the original TANK™ M2, the sleds tires allow it to be used on any surface without fear of damage or noise. 

RESISTANCE: Choose from three levels of resistance on either resistance brake to switch up the intensity of your workout either in different runs or in the same run. Torque’s TANK™ is bi-directional, meaning that there is no need to turn the fitness sled around as you go about your workout. Each grip point has a firm rubber coating which allows the user to get a tight hold. The power and burst that TANK™ provides makes it the ultimate push and pull sled.

TANK™ Value Package
Looking for a completely customizable TANK™ experience? Check out the TANK™ GT - Team Trainer. includes our famous TANK™ sled and the compatible group accessory kit in one package for your convenience. With the included accessories, you can take advantage of an endless array of strength training exercises — for group classes or individual workouts.

Experience - Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a unique exercise experience that users can love.

H.I.I.T – You can select from three levels of resistance and perform bursts of acceleration and speed, varying the intensity in different runs or within the same run.

Safety – Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer.

Portability – TANK’s optional XGAS - Group Anchor Station holds weights and accessories to move a complete workout to any location indoors or outdoors where the XGAS unattaches to become a group anchor station for battle ropes, resistance bands, and other attachments.

Surface Friendly – TANK’s inflated soft wheels are gentle on carpeting, hardwood, and natural turf grass.

Bi-directional - Resistance is supplied in both directions eliminating the need to turn the TANK around.  This narrows the path required for your "TANK ZONE".TANK 

    United States Patent Pending


    sku XTTM4-PH
    Weight 198 lbs (89.8 kg)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 52.4 x 31.9 x 37.1 in ( 133 x 81 x 94 cm)
    Recommended Tire Pressure 30 psi
    Warranty 10 year frame and welds. 1 year parts and finish on workmanship and materials

    1 / Performance Tested

    TANK is used by dozens of professional and collegiate teams, commercial health clubs and training facilities around the world.

    2 / Heavy Duty Construction

    TANK is constructed with electrostatic paint coating which allows it to be used outdoors. The rubber treaded tires are non marking and provide traction on a wide variety of surfaces.

    3 / Works on All Surfaces

    Push and pull TANK on grass, rubber, concrete, asphalt, wood, dirt and more. It is truly and All Surface Sled.

    4 / Variable Force

    TANK Has a variable power curve with three training zones: Speed Power, Acceleration Power and Explosive Power. The faster you push, it the harder it gets.

    5 / Foundation for Group Functional Training

    Train up to six users at a time and experience endless ways to train with a single TANK. From rowing, running, pushing and pulling, every move is functional for the real world.

    6 / Fast and Free Shipping

    TANK ships within 48 business hours from our warehouse.


    How is TANK different from a standard friction sled or ‘prowler’?

    Unlike friction sleds or ‘prowlers,’ TANK is controlled by magnetic resistance — meaning athletes don’t need to change out the weight for each user. By flipping the resistance lever, you can change the intensity of your workout without adding or removing heavy weight plates. Additionally, TANK is an all-surface weight sled with wheels, meaning it will not tear up your carpet or flooring.

    Do I need to change the weight on TANK for each person, depending on their ability?

    No, you do not. Unlike traditional sleds, all of the resistance comes with the simple flip of the lever, thanks to TANK’s innovative braking system. Weight is only added to keep the exercise sled moving straight ahead and not veering from side to side.

    Can TANK be used as an outdoor weight sled?

    Yes. TANK is coated with electrostatic paint, so you can use it outdoors, under all weather conditions, without fear of damaging the equipment. In addition, this is an all-surface fitness sled, meaning it was built to be used on a range of outdoor surfaces — from grass fields to turf tracks.

    I am purchasing for a Tax Exempt organization, how do I purchase tax free?

    Provide us with your Tax Exempt Certificate and we will set up your account so you may purchase on our website tax free.  You can email us at sales@torquefitness.com or fill out a contact form.

    Who uses the TANK?

    TANK users include everyone from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams to assisted living communities and everything in between. Because TANK trains for deceleration, HIIT, and overall conditioning while still being gentle on joints, nearly every person can benefit from training on Torque’s premier workout sled.

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    Marco S.
    United States United States
    Great product

    Awesome sled. Best in the industry.

    Dan P.
    United States United States

    Not enough great can be said about the Tank to describe how much better it makes the sled/functional training experience for both the client and the coach. I've owned both the M2 and the M4 and I'm happy to report that the quality, durability, and design of the Tank may even exceed the amazing training experience itself. I've saved countless hours and energy just on sled setup and breakdown alone. Most importantly it greatly exceeds it's competitors in terms of efficacy. The constant resistance and push back the tank provides is second to none in increasing athletic performance and producing a metabolic training effect that turns clients into lean, mean, fat burning, muscle building machines. And STILL this is improved further by the fact that this result can be achieved in a small space environment. Because of the modularity of the tanks resistance it can be used in a 10 ft space and get an absolutely killer workout. I CANT WAIT for what Torque has in store for the future of the Tank!!

    Jeanine P.
    Five Stars is not enough!

    We have a Boxing Club in Westchester NY. We ordered our Torque Tank a few weeks ago. When it was delivered, there was a problem with the brake module. We contacted Torque Fitness and they immediately addressed the problem and sent out a new module. Their customer service was fantastic, especially Jordan. Since we got the Tank up and running, we can’t keep our Members off of it. The M4 is easy to use, fantastically designed and has a great range of resistance, so it fits any user. It’s a fantastic addition to our Boxing Program. The Tank is so diverse, we just keep finding different was to Train on it every day. We can’t say enough about it and wonder how we got along without it! Get one, you’ll love it! Jeanine Palumbo - TITLE Boxing Ardsley NY

    Goo Y.
    Love and Hate!

    Bought a tank. We love it and hate it at the same time. Awesome equipment for full body strength!!!