Horizontal Mount Ground Rotational Trainer

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  • Compatible with X-Siege and X-Create
  • Commonly known as "Landmine"

Also referred to as a landmine, the ground rotational trainer attaches to the base of the X-Create upright to provide rotational training with any sized Olympic Bar.  See Ground Rotational Trainer for our vertically mounted option.
  • 3-Dimensional pivot allows a full range of motion
  • Molded rubber to keep GRT centered in storage position
  • Mounted horizontally on X-Create to a modules horizontal support
  • Mounted horizontally on X-Rack and X-Siege on top of a Lower Band Peg Anchor (LBPA)


Dimensions 18.2” x 5.0” x 5.7” (46.1 cm x 12.7 cm x 14.5 cm)
Weight 14.6 lb (6.6 kg)
Compatibility X-Create uprights and bridge systems; X-Rack and X-Siege with lower band pegattachment