New orders ship same day!

New orders ship same day!

New orders ship same day!

New orders ship same day!
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A New Experience with Torque

If you plan on attending an event, you may email us to set up an appointment or just stop by our booth!

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for new 2022 events!

Meet the Team & Products

From fitness competitions to tradeshows and events, Torque brings an undeniable presence to events throughout the globe. Visiting a Torque booth at an event will give you an opportunity to meet the team, test the TANK™, see the commercial-quality difference, and participate in competitions at the booth to see how you measure up against the Mag-Force Technology™.

Quality for the Consumer

Commercial-quality products engineered for home & garage gym enthusiasts. Experience the difference in quality, service & innovation by visiting a Torque booth at an event. Products will be available for purchase at select events.

Supercharge Your Home Gym

These events are a great place to see what is new & unique in the fitness industry. If you are anything like us, you will leave an event energized about creating an even more powerful and innovative training space!

Ready for More?

If you plan on attending an event we’re exhibiting at, email us to schedule an appointment and the appropriate person will get back to you to determine a time, or just stop by our booth at your convenience! We are here to help you create your dream space, and no better way to do that than experiencing everything Torque-related in our event booth.