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Short Squat Rack - Don't Quit HIIT Package

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Don't Quit. Ever. Our tagline says it all with this all in one HIIT performance training package. The heavy-duty Short Squat Rack with included Warrior single cross pullup bar and vertical weight storage give you the base items you need for your training. Our premium HD XFIB Flat/Incline lifting bench, XDSA dip attachment, GRT Landmine attachment, battle rope anchor with rope, and safety spotter arms are provided to round it out, making it full of weight training options. Standing in at 82.3" high, it is designed to fit in lower ceiling heights. This package also includes our 1500lb. test 7' Force Premium barbell and 230lb. of full commercial grade black bumper plates. Our commercial TRIPLEPLYO™ 20-24-30 plyo box and an AssaultBike Classic also included in this package will give you as much as you can handle for your high intensity interval training.

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XGYM-LSR Assembly Manual
XFIB Assembly Manual

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