When people come to you to pursue their fitness and training goals, you want them to see your facility as the ultimate place to realize their full potential. This means bringing forth new and exciting workout experiences they can find nowhere else.  Advancement in exercise science doesn’t pause. The need to stay on the cutting edge is always there. The battle for the hearts and minds of motivated people never ends. Don’t quit.

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Who Trains With TANK?

Why the NFL Trains with TANK

TANK Training for Every Sport


X-Lab’s, X-Racks, and our Multi-Jungles all allow for multiple users to work out on one piece of equipment. Explore below to discover what makes each special and help you decide which is the right fit for your facility.



Nothing trains like the TANK. The unique non-contact, no-wear magnetic brake system is adjustable for varying degrees of difficulty. In all positions, the faster you push, the harder it gets. The optional Group Anchor Station attaches to TANK and allows users to load up training accessories and push their workout to a different area in the facility or train outside.



X-Labs are the ultimate functional training systems. With configurations to fit in a corner, along a wall, in a narrow center space, or a square center space, Torque has a solution to fit your facility. Any of our 12 pre-configured systems can be customized with the attachments you want.



For athletic training and conditioning, nothing is more durable and adaptable than the Torque X-Racks. With an Olympic training station spaced every 10’, X-Racks are available as wall mount systems, two-sided systems, with monkey bars, or with storage. Torque has placed X-Racks as small as 4’ x 4’ to as large as 6’ x 72’ and 18’ high.



X-Cages differ from X- Racks in that they include a base that the uprights attach to. Aside from that, you can the same durability, construction and attachment options with our squat rack, power cage, Half Cage, Arsenal and multi-user Armament system.



The Torque Cable-Technology Jungle systems are comprised of nine individual cable training stations that can be configured in any combination to create a 4 user, 5 user, 8 user, or 12 user training experience. With precision solid steel weight stacks and guide rods, platinum silver frames, and custom molded upholstery, the Multi-Station Systems will stand out in any environment.



M-Series single stations represent a progressive step towards full functional training. Isolateral and converging/diverging movements are driven by Kevlar belting producing solid and smooth natural movements. Single-handed 4-bar linkage adjustments provide and clear instructional placards guide all users for safe and unsupervised use, and with a uniform tower height all under 5’ tall, M-Series Single stations will enhance any facility.


Chemistry in Motion

Health club exercise classes that catch fire have one thing in common – participants doing the same motions together. Even rowing is resurging under a group program. This made it a no brainer for Torque to design X-Series so the class can do the same exercises together. No other system taps into group chemistry this way, which is way more fun and inspiring. Base units can accommodate small groups, and add-on units expand the number of users.  This makes it easier for trainers to conduct ever larger classes and grow their revenue.

X-Series Ramps Up Profitably as Participation and Revenues Grow


Torque Product Videos

The views below will quickly show you what group training on the X-Lab is all about and the limitless training possibilities on our X-Racks and X-Cages.

Dive into our youtube channel TorqueTV to view hundreds of other training movements on our Fold-Away Functional Trainer and other home gyms.


Our team can help layout and configure the perfect system for your space.


For some, functional and group training are new and don’t know where to start. Torque Fitness can help analyze your space and your training needs and recommend the right solution for you.


With a Minnesota warehouse stocking over $1 million in finished goods inventory, most orders can ship within 3 days.


When you call Torque Fitness you’ll not only talk to a real person, but one who knows the product. If parts are needed, they are normally sent out with 24 hours.


At Torque, we feel we are part of your team. We’ve worked with companies like Anytime Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and 24 hour Fitness to create innovative solutions to meet their goals.



Group Classroom Training

Built around the idea of having a single trainer lead multiple users through structured classes, X-Lab and X-Rack systems allow all individuals to perform the same movements simultaneously. We refer to this a as classroom training. This leads to safe, effective and time efficient classes. Other systems available today may have only one available station for suspension training or one for resistance bands.

With X-Series, even our space efficient X-Lab Spider 1 allows for six users to use TRX suspension straps at the same time. Both the X-Lab and the X-Rack systems make true group training possible.

Group Playground Training

X-Series playground configurations are built around the premise of making the ultimate training playground. These systems are configured with unique individual training stations and offer tremendous versatility. Torque’s innovation comes into play here with our strategically designed frames that allow users to perform individual movements without getting in each other’s way.

X-Lab and X-Rack playground configurations are built around the premise of making the ultimate training playground.


People are talking about Torque Fitness

  • "I bought Tank originally because we were getting Robert Downey Jr. ready to film Avengers 3. It wasn't very long before we started to see that Tank was showing results that the sled never did. Our endurance improved and our muscle strength started increasing. The interesting byproduct was that people around us thought it looked fun and started to participate in our training. Overall I can say that I haven't conquered the possibilities the tank has but I have certainly seen a door open for preparing Robert Downey Jr. for our next Avengers movie and the results that we get on any given day or any level of fitness are impressive."

    Brad Bose
    Brad Bose Bose Management - PhD. Physiology
  • “From acquiring new members to satisfying existing members, The Torque Tank plays an integral role in our facility. I really can't say enough about the value of this piece of equipment.”

    Troy Longenecker
    Troy Longenecker Owner/Operator Anytime Fitness West Lawn, Pa
  • “Anytime Fitness members are really enjoying the X-Lab Edge – it is a great piece of equipment!

    Braulio Medina
    Braulio Medina Owner/Operator Anytime Fitness Sherwood, Or
  • “As an Anytime Fitness owner, I’m really impressed with Torque's crazy good customer service and professionalism”

    Ray Baer
    Ray Baer Owner/Operator Anytime Fitness Fort Worth, TX
  • “The TANK in my opinion is a game changer, it is a complete workout system. My athletes use it to work on stride length, stride frequency, developing power, speed work and deceleration, plus, never before has there been a more efficient metabolic device.”

    DeVentri Jordan
    DeVentri Jordan Professional Trainer for Elite Athletes - Gameface Training
  • “I use the Torque TANK with my athletes on every phase of Work, Speed, Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deceleration - for both the lower body and upper body”

    Garrett Giemont
    Garrett Giemont Pittsburgh Steelers' Conditioning Coordinator
  • “The customized 54’ X-rack that Torque built for us was the perfect fit for our situation at Chestnut Hill College. It allows us to have a much more functional and efficient experience for all of our users, which include student-athletes, students, faculty and staff. To say we are loving it, would be a huge understatement!”

    Sandy Dickson
    Sandy Dickson Director of Fitness and Recreation - Chestnut Hill College
  • "The X-Rack has been such an amazing piece of equipment to workout with. Our trainers and clients love using it!"

    Mike Clausen
    Mike Clausen DIAKADI Fitness Performance, San Francisco
  • “We are thrilled with our new Torque X-Rack! We were hoping that by adding this to our fitness center, we would be able to add both space function. This has met that expectation. By adding this to our free weight area we have been able to utilize our space more efficiently and create better flow. One of the things that we appreciate most about the Torque product is how “stout” it is. This stuff is heavy duty and made to take abuse.”

    Jesse Zachay
    Jesse Zachay YMCA / New Hope, MN
  • “I had goose bumps when I saw it being installed and the reaction from members has been overwhelmingly positive.”

    Kirk Erickson
    Kirk Erickson Andover YMCA / Sr. Fitness Coordinator
  • "The X-Lab Spider is by far the most versatile piece of equipment that I have ever used. In both 1 on 1 personal training and group training, its variety & options allow my clients to get both a strength & cardio workout in a short amount of time utilizing a small amount space."

    Andi Matthews, CPT, FNS
    Andi Matthews, CPT, FNS Les Mills National BODYPUMP® Trainer NASM Certified Personal Trainer Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • "Torque Fitness and the equipment we have purchased from them have been nothing short of amazing."

    Randi Walz
    Randi Walz Evolution / Owner
  • “I love the Torque X-Rack – how it is built, how it feels in my hands, how it prepares me, and how it allows me to worry about one thing and one thing only, my workout.”

    Deborah Cordner Carson
    Deborah Cordner Carson World Ranked Crossfit Athlete
  • “I really believe the quality of your racks are superior! I have worked out on the Rogue version of the Torque X-Rack and nothing else compares in stability! I also love the feel of the pull up bars, great grip without hurting or tearing the hands! Feel free to use the quote above I think it sounds great.”

    Jonathan Pingel
    Jonathan Pingel CrossFit Athlete and Lifetime Fitness 2013 Alpha Showdown Champion
  • “Hands down the best rig I've ever used. For one, they're beefier than the rest - the thing doesn't move. Secondly, Torque's powder coating is different than most and my members' hands have appreciated the upgrade.”

    Tyler Quinn
    Tyler Quinn CrossFit Minneapolis
  • “We purchased the Torque single station line to give our general, independent members a circuit of equipment that they can use to strength train on without a lot of supervision. Torque has exceeded our expectations in user friendliness and our members love the look and feel.”

    Randy Sabourin, President
    Randy Sabourin, President Metro Fitness Club


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