The Evolution of
Functional Fitness

Don’t Quit. Ever.

At Torque, we are driven by the belief that every performance and functional training facility should be equipped with the most innovative, intuitive, and safest training equipment possible.

By working closely with elite trainers and coaches, being the innovation leader in product and space design, understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, and providing service that exceeds expectations, we get closer to this goal every day.

We believe in the potential in every person we encounter and work to help our end users, direct customers, distributors and team members achieve their health and fitness dreams, inspired by the Torque Fitness “Don’t Quit. Ever.” attitude.

Tank is
for coaches

Garrett Giemont
Pittsburgh Steelers
Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I use the Torque TANK with my athletes on every phase of Work, Speed, Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deceleration – for both the lower body and upper body”

Watch How The Pittsburgh Steelers Use Tank

Tank is
for trainers

Brad Bose, PhD.
World Renowned Personal Trainer

“I bought Tank originally because we were getting Robert Downey Jr. ready to film Avengers 3. Overall, I can say that I haven’t conquered the possibilities the TANK has but I have certainly seen a door open for preparing Robert Downey Jr. for our next Avengers movie and the results that we get on any given day or any level of fitness are impressive.”

Who Uses
Torque Fitness

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Best Sellers


Tank All Surface Sled

Training with TANK provides a full body workout while increasing speed, acceleration, and explosive power.


Tank Group Accessory Kit

The XTGAK Group Accessory Kit provides multiples of all the TANK training tools so two users can train with the TANK simultaneously.


Tank Group Anchor Station

Use to transport training accessories or as an anchor point for battle ropes, resistance bands, and more.


F9 Strength Trainer

A dual weight stack gym that offers true independent functional training packaged in a fold-away footprint.


Plyostack 6-24

A set of 4 boxes that can be interlocked together with Velcro to provide 15 different height combinations.


Tripleplyo 20-24-30

The perfect tool for plyometric training and a space saver. The dense foam provides a safe padded surface to jump on.


Flat Bench

The XFB X-Series Flat Bench is as hard core as a bench can get. The frame is made of 3″ x 3″ 11 gauge and the base sits on formed feet that eliminate end caps.


Flat Incline Bench

Features seated back pad adjustments to angles of 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees and one-handed seat adjustments of 0 and -10 degrees.



Our Kettlebells have a durable rubber coating that protects flooring and a smooth chrome handle that protects hands with highly visible molded numbers.

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