Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Due to current inventory restrictions, Kettlebells are currently only sold with equipment packages to ensure customers who purchase a rig or rack have weights to use the equipment with.


  • Color-Coded Kettlebell Weights
  • One Piece Solid Casting
  • 9lbs/4kgs - 88lbs/40kgs

Torque's commercial-grade kettlebells are a solid cast construction with durable black paint coating that is engineered to last. Each kettlebell weight is easily identifiable with color-coded markings on the handles and imprinted LB and KG markings.

These cast iron kettlebells are the ultimate tool for those looking to add variety to their workout routine. Whether in a class setting or individual exercise regimen, the Torque kettlebell set is the perfect versatile fitness tool.  Used in a wide range of exercises, you can easily target the exact muscle group you want to strengthen. Available in 10 sizes with both Imperial and Metric markings

Weight   -    Color:

  • 4KG/9LB - Light Green
  • 6KG/13LB - Grey
  • 8KG/18LB - Pink
  • 12KG/26LB - Blue
  • 16KG/35LB - Yellow
  • 20KG/44LB - Purple
  • 24KG/53LB - Dark Green
  • 28KG/62LB - Orange
  • 32KG/70LB - Red
  • 36KG/80LB - Grey
  • 40KG/88LB - White


sku KBTC-28KG/62LB
WEIGHT 62.0006 lb
Available Weights 4KG/9LB, 8KG/18LB, 12KG/26LB, 16KG/35LB, 20KG/44LB, 24KG/53LB, 28KG/62LB, 32KG/70LB, 36KG/80LB, 40KG/88LB
Warranty 90 days Materials and Workmanship