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Short Squat Rack - Club Combo Package

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The Short Squat Rack - Club Combo Home Gym Package gives you the best of both worlds, a complete free weight lifting experience coupled with the ultimate in selectorized cable training with our F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer. 

The Short Squat Rack includes our Warrior single cross for pullups and suspension training, but if that is not enough, the F9 also has dual multi grip handles to allow for ultimate variety. The rack also is complete with full vertical weight storage for the included 265lb. rubber coated commercial grade grip plate set. Use the 1500lb. test 7' Force Premium barbell with the also included GRT Landmine attachment, as well as all of your Olympic lifting movements. Standing only 82.3" the rack will fit in lower ceiling heights. Our premium HD XFIB Flat/Incline lifting bench is used in health clubs throughout the world and is built to withstand heavy everyday use.

The F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer's dual adjustable cable pulleys allow you to perform a variety of different exercises within the comfort of your own home.  With 17 handle positions, users can enjoy over 50 possible training movements. Training in small spaces just got easier with the F9's foldaway doors, it fits in a 3X3 corner of any room, but can also be placed anywhere you want, no bolting or additional work required! Simply close the two doors when you are finished working out to minimize the footprint of the all-in-one home gym. The FFIB stow-away bench increases the number of movements that can be done with the F9 and truly completes the experience. Conveniently store the bench in the F9's docking station after you are finished working out to save space. The F9 comes with an accessory pack to make sure your workouts are never boring. Included are the following: a bench bar, snap hooks, leg boot, chin up strap, squat strap, and strap handles. The 1/2:1 weight ratio for the included 150lb. stacks provides 96" of cable travel which opens up so many exercise possibilities.

This package also comes with our inspirational gym banner.

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XGYM-LSR Assembly Manual
F9 Assembly Manual
FFIB Assembly Manual
XFIB Assembly Manual

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