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  • 25% more resistance with MX Mode
  • Redesigned handles and multi-position tow bar
  • Stackable with removable handles for storage
  • New silver color scheme
  • Patented Technology

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The TANK™ MX continues the evolution of this unique push sled on wheels. The core technology that makes all TANK models unique is that unlike resistance sleds, they can be run indoors or outdoors on any surface without gouging. Also on all TANK models the resistance increases the faster you push it, so each user can choose their resistance on the fly, without stopping to load or unload plates. Like the M4, the MX is bi-directional,eliminating the need to turn TANK around, which also reduces path width reserved for TANK runs.

New Features on the MX:


  • In addition to the 3 level of resistance on the M4, MX resistance can be increased 25% on all 4 wheels with the flip of the MX lever.
  • To handle the added resistance, the MX tires are larger and wider than previous models.
  • A lower push point is indicated on the handles, adding variety to the targeting of muscle groups
  • An optional weight horn is available for athletes who want to perform more intense towing exercises.


  • With an optional Stacking Kit, MX can be stacked 3 high for more compact storage and transportation. MX handles are removable without tools and can be stored within the stack. 

Features of All TANK Models 

Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer depending on the user’s age, conditioning level, and fitness goals.

The Experience
Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a novel exercise experience that users love

All TANK models enable High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) in which bursts of acceleration and speed for 14 minutes of a TANK workout is the equivalent of an hour on a treadmill.

A Group Anchor Station is available that houses all the weights and training tools selected for a 10 person group TANK workout, with portability to any location inside or outdoors.


10 year warranty on frame and welds and 1 year on parts and finish on workmanship and materials

U.S. patent pending

244 lbs (111 kg)
244 lbs (111 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
55.35 x 33.39 x 37.32 in (1406 x 848 x 948 cm)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
55.35 x 33.39 x 37.32 in (1406 x 848 x 948 cm)
Recommended Tire Pressure
30 PSI (2.07 BAR)
Recommended Tire Pressure
30 PSI (2.07 BAR)
10 year frame and welds. 1 year parts and finish on workmanship and materials
10 year frame and welds. 1 year parts and finish on workmanship and materials
What is new on the TANK MX?

  • Redesigned handles are easily removable and have added lower push/pull position
  • Increased resistance that can be engaged with the MX lever to increase resistance by 25%
  • Larger and wider tires
  • New color scheme and graphics
  • Stackable for better storage and transportation
  • Adjustable 3-position lower handle that doubles as a tow anchor

How is TANK different from a standard friction sled or ‘prowler’?

Unlike friction sleds or ‘prowlers,’ TANK is controlled by magnetic resistance — meaning athletes don’t need to change out the weight for each user. By flipping the resistance lever, you can change the intensity of your workout without adding or removing heavy weight plates. Additionally, TANK is an all-surface weight sled with wheels, meaning it will not tear up your carpet or flooring.

Do I need to change the weight on TANK for each person, depending on their ability?

No, you do not. Unlike traditional sleds, all of the resistance comes with the simple flip of the lever, thanks to TANK’s innovative braking system. Weight is only added to keep the exercise sled moving straight ahead and not veering from side to side.

Can TANK be used as an outdoor weight sled?

Yes. TANK is coated with electrostatic paint, so you can use it outdoors, under all weather conditions, without fear of damaging the equipment. In addition, this is an all-surface fitness sled, meaning it was built to be used on a range of outdoor surfaces — from grass fields to turf tracks.

I am purchasing for a Tax Exempt organization, how do I purchase tax free?

Provide us with your Tax Exempt Certificate and we will set up your account so you may purchase on our website tax free.  You can email us at or fill out a contact form.

Who uses the TANK?

TANK users include everyone from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams to assisted living communities and everything in between. Because TANK trains for deceleration, HIIT, and overall conditioning while still being gentle on joints, nearly every person can benefit from training on Torque’s premier workout sled.