Concepts and Design

At Torque, we know that no two spaces are the same and training goals are different from one facility to the next.  That is why we’ve designed our X-Series Systems to be customizable to the nth degree.  With our X-Lab’s we offer 19 different standard configurations and with X-Racks 16, but that is just the starting point.  Our standard configurations cover center space, wall space, corner space, and a wide variety of training needs.  From there, we can expand or shrink them to allow training for more or less individuals at one time, and we can add specific movement stations and options.  Rarely are any two X-Series Systems placed in facilities the same.

It all starts with your space and your vision.  You send us your space plans or room dimensions and training goals, and our team of expert designers will get to work putting a customized training solution together for you.

Our sales team will put you in direct contact with our team of designers for inclusive dialogue to ensure your needs are met.  We refer to them as X-Team Design.  They will start with our standard packages to get a feel for where you want to go, then move to 2D floorplans to see what fits the space.  From there, X-Team design will allow you to visualize your future system with 3D designs as shown below.  With the information they’ve harvested from you and the system you’ve designed together, they can then recommend the accessories you will need so you are off and running the day of the install.

To start the process, just call (763) 754-7533 or fill out our Contact Form.  Within a day, your dream will start becoming a reality.

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