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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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The Great Outdoors: TANK™ Edition
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The Great Outdoors: TANK™ Edition

Soak in the summertime sunshine with an outdoor sweat session. Kameron Johnson, owner & lead trainer at KJ Fit Co in Minnesota has crafted the ultimate TANK™ workout to build strength, increase stamina & enjoy the summer. Coach Kam developed this training session for any TANK™ enthusiast hoping to elevate training before summer ends.

A workout designed for fitness enthusiasts using the TANK™ M1, but this program can be modified for any TANK™ model, or someone without access to the TANK™. Some movements will require access to the TANK™ Accessory Kit item, TANK™ V-Strap. No access to a V-Strap? Use either a suspension strap connected to low anchor point or heavy band at the same spot.

Here’s What You Will Need to Do:

1. Dynamic Warmup

The Dynamic Warmup for TANK™ Training

To enhance performance & prevent injury, a dynamic warmup is recommended. A warmup is a “work in” to actual training sessions. When utilizing the TANK™ for a warm up, it is suggested to select a resistance that delivers enough tension to get blood flowing but not too much work to compromise the actual strength training session.


Measure out 100 Ft (30 M).

**To make the workout more difficult, measure 200 Ft (60M) distance.**

  • Tank push w/knee drive
  • Tank low push w/knee drive
  • Tank forward lunge w/ front press
  • Tank v-strap back pedal
  • Tank v-strap crossover step
  • Tank v-strap lateral step to trunk twist

TANK™ enthusiast using the low TANK™ M1 bar to complete a low push

2. Training Time!

The TANK™ Workout

Stay with the measured distance of 100 ft. (30M), or double the distance by repeating the length to 200ft. (60M) for a more intense training session. For each movement, perform 10-20 repetitions depending on desired energy output.


Torque guide for difficulty:

10 repetitions = moderate

20 repetitions = DONTQUITEVER

30M Distance = moderate



  • 20 Split Stance v-strap high bicep curl
  • 30M Tank Push


  • 20 Split stance v-strap tricep kickback
  • 30M Tank v-strap back pedal


  • 20 v-strap reverse bear crawl to row
  • 30M V-strap crossover step w/Drag


  • 20 v-strap lateral bear crawl to crossbody row
  • 30M V-strap crossover step w/drag


  • 20 burpee w/push up to split stance push
  • 30M LOW Tank push

Completed this workout? Let us know how your summertime sweat session went. Did you love it, hate it or experienced a mix of both? Send us a DM or post it to the stories and tag @torquefitnessusa.