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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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Short Squat Rack - Space Saving Strength Package

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    The Short Squat Rack Space Saving Strength Package gives you the best of both worlds: a complete free weight lifting experience coupled with the ultimate in wall-mounted cable training with our Anker 3

    The Short Squat Rack includes our Warrior single cross for pull-ups and suspension training, but if that is not enough, the Anker 3 also has a pull-up option. The rack also is complete with full vertical weight storage for the included 230lb. Value Black Bumper Plate Set. Use the 7' Revolution Technique Barbell with the also included GRT Landmine attachment for all of your Olympic lifting movements. Standing only 82.3" the rack will fit in lower ceiling heights. Our premium Flat-Incline bench is used in health clubs throughout the world and is built to withstand heavy everyday use.

    The Anker 3 is an ultra low-profile, wall-mounted cabled machine featuring a 1:2 weight ratio with a 150lb weight stack. It also has 200 or 225lb. weight stack options (if you would like to purchase this package with a different weight stack size contact us). The Anker 3 comes with many included accessories and attachments. Add on the optional pull-up, phone holder, and adder pin attachments for endless fitness opportunities.

    Included Anker 3 Accessories:

    • Hanging storage pegs and leg boot
    • Two rubber over-molded T-Grip short strap handles
    • Two medium strap handles that double as high-low pulley connection strap handles
    • Welded lower anchor point with nylon strap for battle ropes

    Attachment Options:

    This package also comes with our inspirational "Don't Quit. Ever." gym banner.

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