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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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Relentless Rope Trainer™

A force to be reckoned with. Crafted for unlimited performance, Torque’s Relentless Rope Trainer uses innovative magnetic force resistance to enable competitive bi-directional movements, promising a limitless rope trainer challenge.

Relentless Rope™


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    Wall Mount Bracket for Relentless Rope / Ripper
    Wall Mount Bracket for Relentless Rope / Ripper

    Experience undeniable training.

    The Relentless Rope attachment compliments individual and group fitness regimens. Featuring a sleek design, bi-directional movements, and four selectable resistance settings this novel rope trainer incorporates the magnetic force resistance you know and love with a new and improved durable, three-strand twisted marine-grade rope. A faster pull delivers a more difficult resistance challenge.

    The Relentless Rope Trainer is built with a pivoting head to ensure proper wrap and minimize slippage while providing consistent resistance throughout training - in all directions and angles. Built for nearly all fitness facilities, the Relentless Rope Trainer is a unique attachment compatible with X-RACK, X-SIEGE, X-LAB, X-CREATE, X-CAGE and X-GYM as well as other manufacturer uprights.

    Patented Technology

    Exhilarating Mag Force Technology™
    Exhilarating Mag Force Technology™
    Using the same technology you know and love from Torque's TANK™ All Surface Sled line, the Relentless Rope uses a magnetic, bi-directional resistance mechanism that automatically increases with pulling speed.
    Four Levels of Adjustable Resistance
    Four Levels of Adjustable Resistance
    The Relentless Rope provides 4 levels of resistance settings which are easily accessible. At each level, the faster you pull the harder it gets. The Relentless Rope Trainer's removable lanyard allows resistance adjustment to be reachable when mounted up high.
    Limitless Mounting Options to Torque Systems and More
    Limitless Mounting Options to Torque Systems and More
    The Relentless Rope Trainer is mountable in a variety of ways to most Torque and other manufacturers' strength systems. The Relentless Rope can be mounted to a wall or essentially any square tube 6x6 or smaller.
    Easy To Clean, Marine Grade Rope
    Easy To Clean, Marine Grade Rope
    The 1.1 in (26 mm) three-strand twisted marine grade rope is soft on the hands and easy to clean, ensuring a safe and fun training tool for any environment.
    Commercial Quality
    Commercial Quality
    The Relentless Rope Trainer is designed and built with commercial training environments in mind. With a commercial warranty, your Relentless Rope is guaranteed to withstand endless hours of workout fun.
    Pivoting Roller Design
    Pivoting Roller Design
    Torque's pivoting roller design keeps the rope wrapped around the drive roller at all pulling angles while minimizing rope flexion, providing consistent resistance and longer rope life.


    How would this work in a basement gym with low ceilings?
    What can the Relentless Rope be mounted to?
    How much resistance?
    Can you elaborate on the Relentless Rope cost?
    What is the ideal mounting height?
    Can it be connected with pins to be removed/movable?
    Is this for home gym or commercial spaces?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    TIM A.

    Relentless Rope Trainer™



    This is a well designed and built piece of equipment

    This thing is great! Seems to be a very high quality, solid piece that I will have and use for a long time. It's a great workout. You can see and feel the results of using it.
    Other than that, a couple of things...
    1) I would like to see Torque making videos on various exercises you could do with it rather than relying on You tubers.
    2) The featured video showing Dalvin Cook's personal installation... The wall installation instructions are pretty specific. They say to use at least a 2x10 board attached to the wall, since the plate itself is 8.75" square.
    Dalvin Cook's is installed on a 2x6. The plate hangs below it 2 or 3 inches. This may or may not be a safe install, but it seems to me that if you are going to feature a wall install, you should be sure that it is done correctly per your instructions.

    Wood, D.
    Great Product

    I put this in my small commercial gym and my clients love it. Great quality product!!

    We appreciate the 5-stars, and your business, Danny! Happy to hear you are having a 5-star experience with our Relentless Rope Trainer™!

    Nick S.
    Great workout, install needs a little know how

    The quality of the machine is unquestioned and it’s a great workout. The lightest setting is tough if you are looking for something for younger athletes. The install was not easy but not hard as long as you have some level of handyman experience and a close hardware store.