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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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Home Gym Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone and Everyone
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Home Gym Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone and Everyone

2020 has taken ‘home for the holidays’ to a new level and most of us are taking our fitness routines to our basements, living rooms or garages. Whether you have a novice or a pro in your family, giving a weightlifting gift or workout gift that can help a loved one stay healthy and fit this year is the perfect gift to give. Follow our guide below to get inspired. Most of these items ship in 24 business hours, so order yours today to have it under the tree (or in the garage) by Christmas!


  • For the home gym beginner: Dumbbell Set
    • Kick off your someone’s new fitness lifestyle with debatably the most important tool they can have in their toolbox: dumbbells. With a wide variety of exercises available to perform and the base of most strength training routines, dumbbells are an essential start to an effective home gym setup!


  • For the efficient workout fanatic: Kettlebell Set
    • Kettlebells are one of the most efficient pieces of fitness equipment someone can add to their home gym. From kettlebell swings for cardio to rows and curls for strength building, kettlebells give users a lot of bang for their buck whiling taking up a very minimal amount of space.


  • For the established garage gym or workout room owner: an inspirational banner
    • Just because your home gym is more accessible doesn’t mean the workouts get easier! Keep your favorite person motivated through each rep with our ‘Don’t Quit. Ever.’ banner that will give their space some character and grit.


  • For the athlete: a Soft-Sided Foam Plyo Box
    • Help take your favorite athlete to new heights (safely!) with a soft-sided plyobox. Box jumps are an important training aspect to almost every athletic game, including Crossfit. So if you have a football, basketball, volleyball player or crossfit athlete in the family, get them our heavy duty foam box plybox that won’t budge or hurt shins when taking the inevitable spill.


  • The gift for whole family fun: TANK M1 Push Sled
    • Crush cardio boredom, build explosive muscle, and group train anywhere with the TANK M1. With easily removable handles and compact design, the TANK M1 was designed with garage gyms and personal trainers in mind and allows you to take your sled training to the street to train with neighbors, to the cabin for a family weight sled training session, or to the park to meet friends. Wherever you want to take your training, TANK M1 will go.


  • For the lifter: a Squat Rack
    • A squat rack is possibly the most sought after home gym piece, and for good reason. Users can develop their strength with a multitude of classic movements from the press, squat, lift and more. A squat rack is the cornerstone for a home gym and with ours you can start basic and add versatility with attachments over time.


  • For the functional strength training lover: The F9 Functional Trainer
    • Taking up a minimal amount of space but offering over 50 movements (plus a free video training guide) a cable system is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for a home gym when it comes to versatility to space ratio. Fitting in a 3x3 corner and with an adjustable weight stack, the F9 is a great gift for virtually anyone, no matter their space or fitness level.


  • The ultimate fitness gift: a custom home gym package
    • If you really want to delight and surprise a loved one, give them the ultimate 2020 gift - a custom home gym setup with our X-Design Send us the space you are working with and we will create a custom design showing you what you can fit in your space. We will walk you through the whole process so you can have a full home gym ready to surprise your special someone Christmas day!