Meet Tank
The First All Surface Sled

Something that resists the athlete’s effort to accelerate and run faster is an exercise technology that has never existed before. Training with TANK™ provides a full body workout while increasing speed, acceleration, and explosive power. The faster you push, the harder it gets.

Who Trains
With Tank™

From elite athletes to senior citizens, TANK’s™ variable magnetic braking technology allows any level of user to easily train at their level. See why TANK™ is a perfect fit for

  • Coaches that wants to create a championship caliber team
  • Club owners that wants to increase membership with an exciting product
  • Personal trainers who wants a product with endless personalized training potential
  • Any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level

See how TANK™ is changing the fitness game.

The Most Versatile Sled on Earth

TANK™ versatility comes from its ability to train on any surface using real world movements, its group training potential, and the ease of changing resistance without having to move weight on and off the sled. Due to the way TANK’s magnetic brake is engineered, the faster you push, the harder it gets. This means you will never plateau your workouts with TANK™.

Train on any surface

Train on the surface you play on, in the shoes you compete in. TANK’s™ rubber wheels allow sled training on any surface without fear of damaging it.

Artificial Turf

Track & Field





Train your team


You can train up to 6 athletes at a time with a single TANK™.  Whether using a Torque TANK™ program or developing your own, TANK™ training is engaging and fun for everyone by tapping into the competitive nature of every athlete, from young to old.


Train any level athlete


Whether you’re training a professional football player, high school athlete, or doing active aging training, TANK’s™ variable resistance brake technology allows you to easily adjust the level of resistance you train at.


Product Highlights

Take a closer look at what separates TANK™ from every traditional friction sled on the market. From its group training potential to its revolutionary frictionless magnetic brake, TANK™ is a breakthrough in resistance training.

Just try it.
You’ll love it.

At Torque there isn’t anything we love more than seeing our products being used by people in the real world. Check out how existing TANK™ owners are finding new, creative ways to train with TANK™.

  • “I use the Torque TANK with my athletes on every phase of Work, Speed, Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deceleration - for both the lower body and upper body”

    Garrett Giemont
    Garrett Giemont Pittsburgh Steelers' Conditioning Coordinator
  • “The TANK in my opinion is a game changer, it is a complete workout system. My athletes use it to work on stride length, stride frequency, developing power, speed work and deceleration, plus, never before has there been a more efficient metabolic device.”

    DeVentri Jordan
    DeVentri Jordan Professional Trainer for Elite Athletes - Gameface Training
  • "I bought Tank originally because we were getting Robert Downey Jr. ready to film Avengers 3. Overall, I can say that I haven't conquered the possibilities the TANK has but I have certainly seen a door open for preparing Robert Downey Jr. for our next Avengers movie and the results that we get on any given day or any level of fitness are impressive."

    Brad Bose
    Brad Bose Bose Management - PhD. Physiology
  • “From acquiring new members to satisfying existing members, The Torque Tank plays an integral role in our facility. I really can't say enough about the value of this piece of equipment.”

    Troy Longenecker
    Troy Longenecker Owner/Operator Anytime Fitness West Lawn, Pa

Group Accessory Kit

The XGAK Group Accessory Kit provides multiples of all the TANK™ training tools so two users can train with the TANK™ simultaneously.


Group Anchor Station

Use to transport training accessories or as an anchor point for battle ropes, resistance bands, and more.


Traction Kit

The 270 lb traction kit gives TANK™ the weight to keep the tires from locking up and skidding at resistance levels 3 and 4.

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