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4 At-Home Weighted Workouts
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4 At-Home Weighted Workouts

Weighted workouts deliver an extra challenge to increase motivation and growth. By utilizing weighted equipment and functional trainers, muscles are encouraged to develop and ultimately perform better. Strength training is an integral part of fitness because it maintains healthy muscle tissue, increases flexibility, and improves overall health and well-being. Below are four at-home weighted workouts to increase functional fitness.

Let's Fly

A ‘fly’ movement is defined by keeping the elbow at a static angle while moving the arms to create a workout for chest muscles. From standing incline to bench incline flies, these exercises are important chest openers that increase strength and motion while aiding in the release of back tension. The most productive way to do these workouts is on a functional trainer. The F9 Foldaway Functional Trainer from Torque Fitness is the optimal machine for fly varieties with multiple attachments and weight variations. Another practical way to train in a ‘fly’ motion is with the use of free weights. Dumbbells are a practical solution for fly workouts because of the multiple weight varieties and an intense opportunity for control & stability.


The center of all control! Ab workouts are always an impactful aspect of training. These workouts set the stage for powerful results and technique. Core workouts can be completed without equipment, but weighted ab workouts deliver an intense burn and training. Medicine balls are versatile training tools crafted for total body training. Using medicine balls for core training intensifies the challenge of endurance, power, and stability. Traditional core training impacts many elements of overall fitness, but the addition of a medicine ball at a specific weight variety heightens the focus of stability and performance.

Medicine balls are a perfect product for at-home training because the product itself requires minimal space but maximizes training in various intensities. Available in multiple weight varieties with durable rubber, Torque Medicine Balls are perfect pieces of at-home gym equipment because of a functional diameter size as well as rubber material to assist with preventing damage to flooring.

Just Row with it!

Weighted rows are a simple yet complex movement. A way to engage multiple muscle groups; challenging core, arms and lats. A standard row workout is completed using a rowing machine for functional, high intensity training. Using a bench and dumbbells, a row can be performed by placing one knee on the bench, stabilizing with one hand on the bench while driving the opposite elbow toward the ceiling with control. Another popular rowing method is a bent-over row. This exercise can be completed with a set of dumbbells at home or in a facility setting. Rows are an integral part of fitness programming because of movement versatility. Another way to perform a row is by using a cable machine or functional trainer – like the Torque F9! Using a diverse mix of gym equipment to perform rows is important for enhancing control and isolating various muscle groups to heighten peak performance.


Creating athletes one kettlebell swing at a time. Incorporating multiple muscle groups like; core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, back, delts and arms, kettlebell swings are power moves that can be done from the living room. Kettlebell swings can be scaled with various weights and speed, impacting the challenge and control of each movement. Kettlebell swings are also a dynamic at-home workout because the product is portable by design. A Torque Fitness kettlebell is made of solid cast iron with a comfortably molded handle, optimal for swings & transport. Durable by design, kettlebells can be a bit aggressive for indoor use at home, but swings are a perfect outdoor workout - especially as we spring ahead to the summer months!