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0% financing on orders $250 and above

0% financing on orders $250 and above
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0% financing on orders $250 and above

0% financing on orders $250 and above
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TANK™ M4 Complete Kit

  • Complete your TANK™ experience with all compatible accessories
  • Buy it bundled and SAVE!
  • 1 TANK™ M4
  • 1 TANK™ Tow Rope
  • 1 TANK™ Strap/Harness Tow Kit
  • 1 TANK™ Weight Horn Kit

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    Get everything you will need to optimize your TANK™ experience in this all in one kit!

    The TANK™ M4 continues the evolution of this unique push sled on wheels. The core technology that makes all TANK™ models unique is that unlike resistance sleds, they can be run indoors or outdoors on any surface without gouging. Also on all TANK™ models the resistance increases the faster you push it, so each user can choose their resistance on the fly, without stopping to load or unload plates.

    The TANK™ Strap/Harness Tow Kit expands TANK™ training exercises with the perfect accessories:

    • The dual handle TANK™ V-Strap attaches to expand training functionality such as towing, standing rows, standing torso rotations and much more. The V-handles feature over-molded rubber T-Grips for firm grip and comfort, a metal carabiner attaches to the a toe hook on TANK™.
    • The TANK™ Tow Strap and Harness allows you to perform sprint exercises with most TANK models. Sled sprint training, backward run, and lateral sidestep are just a few things that the sprint harness and tow strap allow. The padded waist harness can be adjusted and secured with a buckle.

    The TANK™ Tow Rope adds endless variety in rope and pulling exercises to any TANK™ push sled. It is dacron with heat sealed ends, a heavy duty metal bracket and carabiner for attachment to either tow hook on TANK™.

    The TANK™ Weight Horn Kit allows users to add weight plates for vehicle stability during high-speed exercises.