7' Standard Olympic Bar

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  • 20 kg/2200 mm
  • Hard Chrome
  • Bearing sleeves
  • Chrome finish
  • SKU: O7B

Our standard 7' international Olympic bar is a great tool for squatting and bench pressing.  The 32.0 mm diameter has light knurling, is covered with hard chrome and the sleeves rotate freely on bearings.  Load Rating = 1500 lbs.

Standard 7’ Olympic bars carry a one-year warranty. Warranty is void if bar shows signs of abuse of being dropped, thrown or bounced.


sku 07B
WEIGHT 50.0 lb
DIMENSIONS 88 x 4 x 4 in
Diameter 32.0 mm
Length 2200 mm
Finish Hard Chrome
Load Rating 1\,500 lbs
Warranty 1 Year