15 Kg Bar - Bumper Package

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Due to the current inventory restrictions, Bars and Plates are currently only sold with equipment packages to ensure customers who purchase a rig or rack have weights to use the equipment with.


  • 230 lbs bumper and weight plate set
  • 15 kg X-Series Olympic Bar
  • 2 Lock-Jaw Pro 2 Collars 

The 15 kg bar bumper plate package is a convenient way to make sure you have the right amount of weight and bars for each station on an X-Rack or for an individual X-Cage. The 15 kg exercise equipment package includes our lighter weight and smaller diameter X-Series bar which is the standard Olympic bar size for women and can also be good for those new to lifting.

Choose between our colored bumper plate package (BPSCP15) or our black bumper package (BPSP15). Each package includes our premium 15 kg X-Series Bar, Black or Colored bumper plates, and a pair of Lock-Jaw Pro 2 X-Series Collars.

BPSP15 black bumper package includes:

  • 1   06XB   15kg X-Series Bar
  • 2   BPTBR-10  10 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTBR-25  25 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTBR-35  35 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTBR-45  45 lb Bumpers
  • 2   LJC-PRO-BLK  X-Series Lock-Jaw Collars


BPSCP15 Colored bumper package includes:

  • 1   06XB   15 kg X-Series Bar
  • 2   BPTBR-10  10 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTCR-25  25 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTCR-35  35 lb Bumpers
  • 2   BPTCR-45  45 lb Bumpers
  • 2  LJC-PRO-BLK  X-Series Lock-Jaw Collars
See individual accessories to learn more about each item.


sku BPSP15 & BPSCP15
Weight 265 lbs
Warranty Limited Warranty: Lifetime on bar\, 1 year on 25-45 lb bumpers\, 90 days on 10 lb bumpers