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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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How To Start Your Fitness Journey
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How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Day one or one day, the choice is yours. A simple yet powerful statement. We have all been here before; wondering how to stay motivated to workout, where to begin and if it will all be worth it in the end. Sometimes the answers are easier said than acted out. So how do you begin a fitness journey? Here are the Torque Fitness tips & tricks for fitness success.

Woman pushing a Tank M1 sled

Startup & Show Up

Think of your fitness journey as your very own small business. The only way to be successful in business is to begin with a plan. Taking time to think through your schedule and understand what is attainable is a monumental first step. By creating goals and an action plan, you are more likely to start your journey and continue to show up. A plan can be as simple as selecting specific workout days each week or an in-depth outline for the next month, highlighting all aspects of a schedule from workouts to meal plans and meditation. Everyone begins their fitness journey in a unique way, the most important aspect is to show up and start up!

A man squatting weight at a Torque Fitness high squat rack

Stay Strong & Get Stronger

Temptation to deviate from a new routine is constantly circulating. But the more you stick with a new fitness and lifestyle schedule, the more likely you are to gain strength within your fitness journey. Physical strength is derived from mental toughness and the ability to hold onto goals and the path needed to achieve said goals. To get stronger, one must actively pursue a path of strength through accountability and consistency. The more workouts completed on a steady schedule; the more likely strength will show up physically. Torque’s motto ‘Don’t Quit. Ever.’ is a constant reminder to continuously pursue goals - even when it’s difficult!

A premiere home gym setup with Torque Fitness rig

Equipped With Equipment

Planning and beginning a fitness journey are important action steps of a fitness journey. Another impactful part of the journey involves the products used to achieve goals. By utilizing well-built, durable products, the possibility of injury is decreased. Torque Fitness believes in the force of powerful products. By crafting unique, long-lasting products, Torque encourages all members of the fitness community to grow more and do more. Equipping workouts with well-built equipment is important because the investment increases motivation. By investing in fitness products, you are solidifying the necessity of your commitment to the fitness journey.

Connection & Community

Investing in growth comes in many forms throughout the fitness journey. Another way to stay motivated to workout is through accountability with like-minded individuals. By joining a community of people who are motivated to work out, you will learn more about the tribulations and triumphs within the fitness journey. This community will inspire, assist with growth, and ultimately become a major tool for success. From Facebook groups to buddies at the gym, there are a multitude of ways to discover and connect with fitness individuals throughout the community. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, there is a group ready to get stronger with you.

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Three people posing with the Tank M1 in downtown Minneapolis

Starting your fitness journey is not always easy but by taking simple action steps, success and strength are likely. From planning to products, Torque Fitness is here to support your journey at all stages to ensure you Don’t Quit. Ever.