Rubber Hexagon Dumbbell

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  • Rubber Coated Dumbbells
  • Smooth Chrome Handles
  • 5 lbs – 100 lbs
  • Model: DBRH
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Torque’s rubber hex head dumbbells have fully welded, sand-blasted cast heads that are available in weights ranging from 5lb/2.3kg up to 100lb/45.4kg.  Each dumbbell has Imperial and Metric markings that denote the weight in Pounds and Kilograms.  Looking for dumbbell storage?  Check out our Vertical Dumbbell Rack!

In order to determine how many dumbbells of particular sizes that will fit on your dumbbell rack, see Dumbbell Specifications under the “Additional Information” tab above.

Sold individually.

Hex Dumbbell Specifications

For reference, the width of each 4’ Accessory Tray used on the Torque X-Create Systems is 41.6 inches (1057 mm) and the width on the 6’ Accessory Tray used on X-Rack Systems is 72.5 inches (1841 mm).

W = Corner to Corner Hex Width   |   L = Overall length of Dumbbell

DBRH-5LB/2.3KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 5 LB/2.3 KG245.59.6678.173.07
DBRH-10LB/4.5KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 10 LB/4.5 KG272.810.74103.814.08
DBRH-15LB/6.8KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 15 LB/6.8 KG301.511.87117.324.61
DBRH-20LB/9.1KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 20 LB/9.1 KG31112.24126.094.96
DBRH-25LB/11.3KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 25 LB/11.3 KG322.412.69137.995.43
DBRH-30LB/13.6KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 30 LB/13.6 KG33713.26148.965.86
DBRH-35LB/15.9KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 35 LB/15.9 KG35013.77155.656.12
DBRH-40LB/18.1KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 40 LB/18.1 KG36014.17166.856.56
DBRH-45LB/20.4KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 45 LB/20.4 KG36414.33174.716.87
DBRH-50LB/22.7KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 50 LB/22.7 KG374.214.73174.946.88
DBRH-55LB/24.9KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 55 LB/24.9 KG377.214.85180.137.09
DBRH-60/27.2KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 60 LB/27.2 KG38615.19191.687.54
DBRH-65LB/29.5KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 65 LB/29.5 KG38615.19191.687.54
DBRH-70LB/31.8KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 70 LB/31.8 KG408.516.08206.698.13
DBRH-75LB/34.0KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 75 LB/34.0 KG408.516.08206.698.13
DBRH-80LB/36.3KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 80 LB/36.3 KG408.516.08206.698.13
DBRH-85LB/38.6KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 85 LB/38.6 KG426.616.79213.628.41
DBRH-90LB/40.8KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 90 LB/40.8 KG426.616.79213.628.41
DBRH-95LB/43.1KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 95 LB/43.1 KG426.616.79213.628.4
DBRH-100LB/45.4KGDUMBBELL, RUBBER HEXAGON - 100 LB/45.4 KG43917.28224.018.81


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