Base Bridge

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  • Model: Choose length below
  • Base of X-Create Bridges
  • Add Attachments & Modules
  • From 13′ up to 33′
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The base of X-Create Bridge systems, this is the starting point for designing your X-Create Bridge system.  From 13 feet long all the way up to 33 feet long, once you’ve decided what size is right for your functional fitness area, you can then add Modules and Attachments to complete your customization.

Every size of X-Create Base Bridge comes with two Base Modules and the bridge connecting them.  The two base modules each include 1 Pull-up Station, 2 Suspension Anchors, and Urethane boots to cover anchoring hardware.  Each bridge span includes Monkey Bars and Functional Bars.  Add attachments like the 3-D Swivel with Mount and Heavy Bags to the bridge to create a functional boxing area or add Rock Climbing Grips to give users pull-up variety.  The base modules on either side of the bridge can be filled with Module Options or expanded with the 8 Foot Upright Module Extension to create a larger functional piece that can include storage or other options.

Module Options:

Attachment Options:

Storage Packages:

*X-Create systems are required to be bolted to a concrete sub-floor

Height (All Models) – 101.8″ (259 cm)

Width (All Models) – 53.9″ (136 cm)

13 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-13-05154.3" (392 cm)80.3" (204 cm)
15 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-15-05178.3" (453 cm)104.3" (265 cm)
17 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-17-05202.3" (514 cm)128.3" (326 cm)
19 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-19-05226.4" (575 cm)152.3" (387 cm)
21 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-21-05250.4" (636 cm)176.4" (448 cm)
23 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-23-05274.4" (697 cm)200.4" (509 cm)
25 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-25-05298.4" (758 cm)224.4" (570 cm)
27 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-27-05322.4" (819 cm)248.4" (631 cm)
29 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-29-05346.4" (880 cm)272.4" (692 cm)
31 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-31-05370.4" (941 cm)296.4" (753 cm)
33 FT BRIDGE XCB-2M-33-05394.5" (1002 cm)320.4" (814 cm)


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