4 Foot (1.2 M) Slam Ball Package

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  • 2 Slam Ball Package options
  • 4 Slam Balls per package
  • Fills one X-Create storage tray
  • Model: X4SBP1I & X4SBP2I


Both of our 4 Foot Slam Ball packages come with 4 Slam Balls a piece and either package will fill one storage tray of an X-Create.  To learn more about the Slam Balls included in this package, visit the Slam Ball product page.  Package 1 contains smaller weight Slam Balls, while Package 2 contains larger weight Slam Balls.  If you need different sizes than what is available in these packages, just contact us and we will create a package size custom tailored to your needs.  These X-Create Accessory packages are designed to fill one tray with functional accessories that can be used in your gyms functional area.

Package 1 (X4SBP1I) contains 1 each of the following:

  • 10 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-10LB/4.5KG
  • 15 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-15LB/6.8KG
  • 20 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-20LB/9.1KG
  • 25 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-25LB/11.4KG

Package 2 (X4SBP2I) contains 1 each of the following:

  • 30 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-30LB/13.6KG
  • 35 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-35LB/15.9KG
  • 40 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-40LB/18.2KG
  • 45 lb Slam Ball – SKU: SBT-45LB/20.5KG

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