24 X 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Rack – X1 Package

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  • Weight Storage
  • Power + Half Cages
  • Pull Up Stations
  • Team Training
  • Model: XSS-10-24-X1
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Take three 4 X 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Racks, add in rectangular crosses with rock climbing kits, and you get the 24 x 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Rack – X1 Package. This unique piece of freestanding equipment does not have to bolted to the floor and conveniently includes power cages, half cages, pull up stations, and weight storage capabilities — perfect to outfit your weight room. Individuals can use the power cage system to lift inside the cage or take advantage of the half cage component if they want to lift outside the rack. The 24 x 10 foot half cage and power cage system promises a flexible lifting experience to maximize your athlete’s training regimen. The X1 Package comes with bar supports, standard bar catches, bar catch straps, multi-grip crosses, and a single cross inside the power cage portion.

All X-Siege systems are customizable. You can add any number of stations, various cross members, and other additions. Contact us to custom design a solution that fits your needs!

Main Options / Substitutions

  • Ball Target
  • Pull-up Crosses
  • Dip/Step/Attachment Anchor
  • Upper Band Peg Attachment
  • Upright Colors & 8′ Height Option
  • Platform & Insert
  • Ground Rotational Trainer
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Endless Rope
  • Flying Pull-up Bar
Expand your Siege units functionality with these different upright options, lifting station addons, cross member styles, and many more options. View more details on these below.

Ball Target

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  • Model: BT
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Oval design for 8′ and 10′ targets
  • Compatible with X-Rack & more

To view all available customizations and addons, visit our X-Rack Options page.

Additional information


289.5” x 151.6” (735 cm x 385 cm)


Frame 107.1" (272 cm) Optional Ball Target 129.0" (328 cm)

Minimum Recommended Live Area

336” x 206” (853 cm x 523 cm)

Upright Height Options

9 ft (XRACK-9U) Standard; Optional 8 ft (XRACK-8U)

Upright Color Options

Blue, High Wear Red, Orange, Platinum, Storm Grey


16 year frame and welds / 1 year parts / 90 days misc.


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