Weight And Accessory Storage Uprights

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  • Build Weight and Accessory Storage into your X-Rack
  • Plate and Accessory Storage

Keep your facility organized with by building weight and accessory storage into your X-Rack.  Whether you need more Olympic Plate storage or more Functional Accessory storage, these upright options provide you a solution. Accessory Storage Uprights (XRACK-9UVAS) are sold individually and are used in conjunction with our 6’ Accessory Trays (XRACK-6AT) and our 6’ Horizontal Weight Storage (XRACK-6HWS). Weight Storage Uprights (XRACK-9UVWS) come in pairs for a total of eight nylon covered, fully welded solid steel weight posts.  Accessory Trays and Horizontal Weight Storage can also be mounted in between these uprights. NOTE:  Weight and accessory storage uprights bolt between frame uprights and must be attached with 4’ or 6’ Rectangular Crosses (XRACK-4RX or XRACK-6RX).


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