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Short Squat Rack - Deadlift Package


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The Short Squat Rack - Deadlift Package contains everything you will need, regardless of experience to get serious about your olympic style lifting and training.  The Short Squat Rack includes our Warrior single cross for pullups and suspension training and also is complete with vertical weight storage for the included 230# black rubber bumper plates.  Standing at 82.3" it is designed to fit into spaces with lower ceiling heights. 

Our XDSA dip attachment adds rock-solid dip handles to all Torque Squat Racks and doubles as a step-up for reaching pull-up and monkey bars.  Use the included 500# test 7' Force Premium barbell with the also included GRT Landmine attachment, as well as all of your olympic lifting movements.  Our premium HD XFIB Flat/Incline lifting bench is used in health clubs throughout the world and is built to withstand heavy everyday use.  

The SLPI-HC includes a 3/4" thick 6 x 8 foot platform and an insert that fits the X-GYM Short/High rack systems perfectly.  The molded waffle bottom platform is built to handle high impact training and provides both noise reduction as well as helping protect the surface beneath.  The platform features beveled edges all around and a precision cut interlocking system.

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