Rubber Coated Kettlebells

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  • Rubber Coated Kettlebell Weights
  • Smooth Chrome Handles
  • 5 lbs - 50 lbs
  • Durable Rubber Coating

Torque premium kettlebells have a durable rubber coating that won’t damage your flooring and a smooth chrome handle to protect your hands after an intensive workout. Each kettle weight is easily identifiable with highly visible molded numbers. These chrome kettlebells are the ultimate tool for those looking to add variety to their workout routine. Whether in a class setting or individual exercise regimen, the Torque kettlebell set is the perfect versatile fitness tool. Perfect for a wide range of exercises, you can easily target the exact muscle group you want to strengthen. Available in 5 lb., 35 lb., 40 lb., 45 lb., 50 lb., 70lb., 80 lb., and 90lb weights.  The X6ATKBP package includes two of each of the lighter weights and fit perfectly on 6’ accessory trays on X-Racks and X-Storage Stations.


sku KBTR-5
Available Weights 5LBS, 10LBS, 15LBS, 20LBS, 25LBS, 30LBS, 35LBS, 40LBS, 45LBS, 50LBS, 60LBS, 70LBS, 80LBS, 90LBS
Warranty 90 days Materials and Workmanship