Ground Rotational Trainer Landmine

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  • Used with an Olympic Bar
  • Referred to as a "Landmine"
  • Folds up when not in use

Torque's take on the Landmine, the Ground Rotational Trainer (GRT) attaches to any X-Lab, X-Rack, X-Cage, Arsenal, or Armament upright.  By inserting an Olympic Bar into the GRT you can do a variety of exercises with this simple piece of equipment.   See also: Horizontal Mount Ground Rotational Trainer (XHMGRT) for use with X-Create, X-Siege, and X-Rack.
  • Commonly known as a "Landmine"
  • Provides three-dimensional rotation movements
  • Sized for use with an Olympic Bar
  • Compatible with all X-Series systems
  • Folds up against upright when not in use


sku GRT
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