4-Module Functional Wall - X1 Package

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  • Olympic Lifting Stations
  • Wall Space Package
  • Functional Accessory + Plate Storage

X-Create Uprights are available in the following colors:

Platinum Satin Black
Black Satin Upright Color


Included Modules:

Included Attachment/Options:


Optional Storage Packages Available:

*X-Create systems are required to be bolted to a concrete sub-floor.


sku XCFW-4M-X1
Footprint 36.7” x 189.5” (93 cm x 481 cm)
Height Frame 95.8” (243 cm)
Minimum Required Live Area 9.1’ x 19.7’ (2.8 m x 6.0 m)
Warranty 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.