4 Ft (1.2 M) Ball Target Wall Module Reverse Side

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  • Used in X-Create Center Space Systems
  • Reverse Side of 4BTW

The 4 FT (1.2M) Ball Target Wall Module Reverse Side, when combined with the 4 FT (1.2M) Ball Target Wall, is used with X-Create Center Space Packages to add a Ball Target Wall on each side so you have back to back walls.  This component does not include the frame.  It attaches to and requires the XCREATE-4BTW to be used with 2-Sided Center Space Systems for a Ball Target Wall on both sides.
  • Three different target zones (low, mid, & high)
  • Impact dampening system
  • Phenolic resin surface to withstand abuse
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 73.2 in (186 cm)
    • Width: 42.1 in (107 cm)
    • Depth: 2.7 in (7 cm)


Assembled Dimensions 71.7” x 40.6” x 0.71” (182 cm x 103 cm x 1.8 cm)
Weight 25.4 lb (11.5 kg)
Compatibility X-Create 2-Sided Center Systems & XCREATE-4BTW