X-Lab Packages


As pioneers in the creation of functional training systems for small group training, we’ve taken years of experience and put it into packaging systems that fit any space and any type of training.  All X-Lab systems are geared to training multiple individuals at the same time.  Our preconfigured X-Lab packages are divided into categories for each area of your space:  Center Space Packages are designed to sit in the middle of a room so users can utilize the piece of equipment from 360-degrees.  Wall Space Packages run along a wall so users have more functional exercise space.  Corner Space Packages fit snugly in a corner for a small footprint.

The categories each have multiple packages to meet your needs.  All packages allow for ample storage for training accessories.  Going from an X1 to an X2 package adds more functionality such as a cable component station or ball targets.  If you have a space in mind but aren’t sure what will fit, contact us and our engineers in X-Team Design will do a layout and work with you on creating the perfect system.


X-Lab’s frames are available in either metallic platinum, illusion red, or illusion orange paint with clear coat and textured matte storm grey pull-up bars and attachments which provide an excellent grip and durable protection.

Upright Colors

All Premium Metallic Finishes include Clear Coat and are available in the following colors:

  • Platinum
  • Illusion Red
  • Illusion Orange
X-Lab Platinum Upright
X-Lab Upright Red
Illusion Red
X-Lab Upright Orange
Illusion Orange