M8 Circuit

Xperience Fitness, Blaine MN

The M8 line of commercial selectorized stations from Torque Fitness deliver converging/diverging movements that are approachable and intuitive to use for the beginner, and, at the same time, effective for the advanced exerciser. A universal fully shrouded tower height of less than 5’ for all machines creates uniformity and clean sight lines.  The low tower height also facilitates convenient storage for water bottle, iPod, keys, etc. and allows for the oversized exercise placards to be viewed from a seated position. For ease of use, adjustments are limited to one or two per machine and seat positioning utilizes a 4-bar gas-assisted mechanism that allows for one-handed adjustments that locks the seat securely in place.

The intelligent design of the M8 Circuit allows opposing muscle stations to be grouped back to back creating a full-body circuit in an extremely small footprint.

Torque recognizes that some facilities have specific movements they want to have in a selectorized format, so we also offer extension pieces to our M8 Circuit.  These products include all the features, durability, and tower height of the M8 line but require longer lead-times.



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  • Easy one-handed range of motion adjustment
  • Knurled calf raise foot rest
  • Large rubber coated foot platform


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  • 4-bar gas-assisted seat adjustment
  • Swivel handle adjustment for different widths
  • 4-bar linkage matches wrist angle throughout motion


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  • Traditional standing movement with 4-bar linkage arm
  • Gas-assisted adjustment
  • Non-slip angled foot rest


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  • A natural path of motion from precise pivot point alignment
  • Divergent hip and chest pads
  • Counter balanced arm and variable cam


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  • Large thigh pads and dual rubber foot supports
  • Seated weight stack selection from the elevated stack
  • Easy one-handed adjustment from seated position


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  • 20° linear carriage slide angle
  • Linear bearing carriage over solid shafts
  • Secure stability from rubber coated over-sized foot platform

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