Torque Fusion is the Four Key Elements that create Functional Training success for commercial fitness facilities. From decades of experience in the fitness industry and as one of the pioneers in Functional Training, we know that Functional Training success goes far beyond just having the right equipment. That is why it is our mission to deliver the Four Key Elements of Functional Training to every club owner.

The Right Equipment

Are you providing the right mix of equipment for your customer base and desired training style? Our expert staff helps our customer determine the product for their club that will save them the most space and money while providing the training options their members want.

The Right Layout

Our in-house design services ensure that the overall layout of our customer's facility is as intuitive as the equipment it houses. Whether you're starting a new club or are looking to refresh your current space, our X-Design team will create the most functional space possible for your needs and wants. 

The Right Programming

Torque equipment works effortlessly with Alloy, an industry leader at delivering both group and personal training to clubs, creating a seamless solution to programming for your facility.

The Right Athletic Feedback

Built and designed for the fitness industry, MyZone was created to turn your club int a socially connected hub while providing accurate data that your members can trust. Bundle your MyZone purchase with our Functional Training equipment for complete solutions for your facility.

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