We are an Experienced Team of Strength and Conditioning Equipment Specialists

“I use the Torque TANK with my athletes on every phase of work: Speed, Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deceleration - for both the lower body and upper body.”

Garrett Geimont
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Pittsburgh Steelers

“[And] every facility, whether it’s a serious training facility or a recreational sports facility, it’s a tool that’s safe, effective, intuitive, and it’s one of our biggest hits of the year. It’s probably one of our favorite tools on the personal training floor..”

Pat Regan
Vice President of Purchasing Lifetime Fitness

“I bought Tank™ originally because we were getting Robert Downey Jr. ready to film Avengers 3… I have certainly seen a door open for preparing Robert Downey Jr. for our next Avengers movie and the results that we get on any given day or any level of fitness are impressive.”

Brad Bose, PhD
World Renowned Personal Trainer

“Rows are awesome for a baseball athlete. Because our back muscles are what we are working the most when we pitch, that is where we really want to be strongest. Being able to get in the position of a pitch follow through using TANK and doing the row movement is extremely effective.”

Logan Shore
MLB Pitcher

“The customized 54' X-Rack was the perfect fit for a much more functional and efficient space for all of our users - student-athletes, students, faculty and staff.  To say we are loving it would be a huge understatement!”

Sandy Dickson
Director of Fitness and Recreation Chestnut Hill College Philidelphia PA
Torque X-Rack Orange Uprights

"I have been into fitness for my whole life and for my career I design layouts for all types of commercial settings and Torque has been my go-to for MANY installs. Not only is their product top notch their reps are truly the best I have ever worked with. Torque to me is like Legos, if you can think of a design you can build it with Torque! They also supply accessories and much more making them a one-stop shop. Shout out to Jaime, Camille, and Julia. Thanks Torque!"

Dennis DuBois B.A.
Fitness Sales Rep/Consultant