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0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
Call Us! 763-754-7533

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above

0% APR financing on orders $250 and above
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Home Gym Design Experts

Let Our Team Help Design Your Dream Home Gym


Home Gym Design Service

Dreaming of a home or garage gym but not sure where to begin? Maybe you have an idea of the style of training you’d like to be able to do but can’t figure out what equipment you need and how it will all fit together. We get it. With our X-DESIGN service you will have the chance to talk to an actual human expert who will help take you from concept to completion in creating your dream home gym setup.

How It Works:

01 Discover

Complete the form at the bottom of this page with these four pieces of information:

  • The number of people, on average, you expect to work out in your space at a given time
  • The types of exercises you envision doing
  • The dimensions (including ceiling height) of your workout space
  • Budget if determined

*An architectural compliance sketch is the best way to share the exact measurements of your space with us. If you don’t have access to one, you can send in a blueprint, a floor plan, written measurements, or even a doodle.

Once you send us your information, an X-DESIGN representative will reach out to you promptly. Based on the conversation, we’ll create a 2D sketch of your home gym layout.

02 Design

Once you receive your 2D mockup, it’s time to refine your design. Think of this as the “rough draft” stage. This is the perfect time to get all your input and questions out on the table so our team can make sure we are meeting your needs.

What do you like about the mockup? Any additional information our team might find useful? Anything missing from our proposed layout?

Using your input from the 2D mockup, our designers will use industry-leading software to create a 3D rendering of your home gym. This final layout is meant to look as realistic as possible, so you can truly envision how your gym will look and feel. Once you are satisfied with the proposed facility floor plan, we will proceed.

03 Deliver

After you settle on your 3D design concept, we’ll send you the design and a list of the proposed Torque Fitness products and their price points. (You set your budget, and we’ll stick to it. We only include products in your design that match your concept and fit your price range.) We encourage you to reach out to our team if you have any questions about our product list or to learn more about our products.

Get Started Creating Your Home Gym

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