Tank Performance Handle Kit


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  • Ergonomic running position
  • Secondary horizontal grip
  • Elevated tow hooks

Created in response to feedback from coaches and trainers, Performance Handles facilitate a lower running position, which is ideal for athletes and sport-specific conditioning.

Curving inward and forward, the performance handles draw the hands closer, reducing stress on the shoulders and reflecting a true running stance.  Also new is a secondary horizontal grip position and higher attachment point for pulling movements with a Tow Kit or TANK Battle Rope.

Performance handles are sold as a set of 2 pairs and will replace your existing TANK handles.  The handles can be swapped in and out as users see fit.


sku XTPHK2
Weight 40.1 lbs (18.2 kg)
Optional on Models XTTM2-SH & XTTM2GT-SH
Standard on Models XTTM4-PH & XTTM4GT-PH