6 Foot Wall Ball Package

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  • 5 Wall Ball Package
  • 6 lbs - 20 lbs
  • Suggested Package
  • Model:  X6ATWBP

Our 6 Foot Accessory Tray Wall Ball Kit packages weights for all user levels.  The package consists of one each of 6 lbs, 10 lbs, 14 lbs, 18 lbs, and 20 lbs wall balls and fits our 6 Foot X-Rack Accessory Tray (not included in package) used on our storage racks and X-Racks. The non-bounce balls are a necessity for use with the ball targets on X-Series Functional Training X-Racks, X-Cages, and X-Labs.  Comprised of heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon, the wall balls remain dimensionally stable and balanced over time. Use with one of our Functional Accessory Storage Equipment options.


Weight 68 lbs
Warranty 90 days