Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia, PA USA

Torque X-Rack

Chestnut Hill College partnered with Torque's X-Design Team as part of a $3 million renovation to provide the centerpiece for the new 5,000 sq ft facility, a custom X-Rack.

     -X-Rack customized to maximize a group training environment. 
     -Layout designed to provide both traditional lifting and functional  training. 
     -Heavy duty proprietary powder coat for longterm durability. 
     -Plastic lined bar catches to protect equipment. 
     -Unique layout that maximizes training space for their specific facility. 

Facility Details Headline

Chestnut Hill wanted the ability for entire teams of athletes to perform functional movements at the same time. Torque delivered with a solution that has:

  • Over 120 ft of pullup bars around the perimeter of the rack
  • Each pullup bar can be used as a TRX or band attachment point for accessory work.
  • 54 ft of Monkey Bars down the center of the X-Rack