Fitness Equipment Spacing Concepts For Social Distancing in Gyms
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Fitness Equipment Spacing Concepts For Social Distancing in Gyms

While the Coronavirus has caused an unprecedented number of gyms to shut down around the world, fortunately many fitness facilities are finally looking at opening back up. A re-opening of this nature is a new experience for everyone and while many regular gym-goers are chomping at the bit to get back to their favorite trainer and gym routine, we also know that some people are asking "is it safe to go to the gym post Coronavirus?" and health club owners have a myriad of challenges they must overcome to help ease the minds of their members and generate as much revenue as possible.

Of course loading up on gym cleaning supplies and setting up new systems for keeping your gym clean is key (you can read more on that here:, but another one of the best ways to keep members safe is to effectively space out equipment to allow for social distancing.

For group training, health clubs can consider spacing members into their own 4 to 8 ft. 'pods' or 'modules' where they use their own dedicated functional training accessories for the duration of the class and stay within their training space in order to keep the possibility of spreading germs to a minimum. This also helps with a swift process of cleaning at the end.

X-Create systems are ideal for this setup as users can have a dedicated 'module' or section with a variety of accessories as their disposal. The concept below shows a Center X-Create System where health clubs could safely space members out to practice social distancing for gyms.



Whether you operate a health club, athletic and performance training facility, rec center, multi-family fitness center, boutique studio or other, the topic of safe spacing is important in the success of your ramp up and we are here to help. If you are rethinking your fitness facility's floor plan, our expert design team can help you refresh and reboot your space with a custom concept (for free!). No matter the situation, space optimization is always important. We can bring your vision to life or help you determine how to space your equipment out for social distancing and safe training for your health club or gym. 

As a start, get inspired by this video concept and some spacing concepts below and when you are ready to get started on your own custom layout, visit this page: